Back to school with confidence

Whilst there’s still a couple of weeks left before school starts back anxieties may already be starting to rise at the prospect. And even for those who at other times stroll into school happy and confident the first day back can be tough.

When I was younger (much!) and knew the start of school was approaching I used to start to have bad dreams, culminating usually on the night before starting school again I would be chased by lions, caught in a house that was being burgled and then set on fire! It wasn’t until I experienced going back to school as a parent that I realised what had been happened and despite the fact I really had nothing to worry about subconsciously I was really nervous!

So I am offering sessions to pass on some useful tools & top tips to help children feel more calm about the start back to school. Whether the worry is a new teacher, a new school or whether your friends will still be your friends you are very welcome to come along!


Relax Kids Back to School with Confidence sessions allow your child the opportunity to gain skills they need to go back to school with a smile! They will have fun whilst learning how to manage anxiety, boost confidence, develop concentration and improve sleep.

So what would you expect during a Back to School session? Well, all classes follow the 7 step programme.

benefits of relax kids

I will have a lesson plan for each session but these are flexible and can be easily adapted at the time to suit the group of children taking part. They will outline the different games, stretches, breathing and affirmations we will do along with the remainder of the class. Usually in this type of class I would show the children how to massage their own hands to help them keep calm and maybe a face massage that could be used that important night before the first day back at school!

As these sessions are only an hour there wouldn’t be much opportunity for crafts but any we did would be working on affirmations and how to use them at home and once back at school.

Details of the sessions can be found here.


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