Help from Little Stars at bedtime

Whether you’re struggling with a highly sensitive or demanding preschooler or wanting to establish a more relaxing bedtime routine then our Little Stars sessions can provide useful tips to help you and your family.

Being 3 and 4 is hard work! There’s a lot of big emotions going on that they can’t yet vocalise and share. They often get treated like mini adults yet they’re not tuned into themselves enough to know they’re hungry, thirsty, tired or just in a bad mood (because let’s face it, we all have those days!).

Our Little Stars sessions give you tools to help your preschooler deal with what’s going on. They also empower your preschooler by equipping them with key skills to help calm themselves down when emotions run high. Part of this is raising their self confidence so they feel good about themselves even when things are tough!

So how do we do this? All Relax Kids sessions follow a 7 step pregramme. This has been working for 15 years to help create calm, confident children. In our Little Stars classes we use familiar stories and nursery rhymes to engage the children.

I’m going to share a few ideas taken from a recent Little Stars session to give some practical ideas to help with bedtime:

Moving and Playing: so this is the fun part and whilst at bedtme you may not want to be getting too energetic having fun and laughing can be a great way of releasing some of the stresses of the day. The moving could take part in the bath  (e.g. watch how moving your hands in different ways moves the water differently) followed by reading a fun story that you can act out and make noises to before a more relaxing story.

Stretch: A good stretch for relaxing is one we call tranquil turtles, you sit on the floor on your knees then lower your body down and put your head gently on the ground in front of your knees. As you rest like that you can repeat together “I am still”. This will help with relaxing your whole mind and body.

Feel: Bedtime is the perfect time for a gentle face or hand massage, once they’re tucked up in bed!

Breathe: Try sitting their favourite teddy on their chest and doing some deep breaths together, watching teddy rise up and down as you breathe in and out.

Believe: Make time every night to tell your child something special about them, or something that you noticed today that really impressed you. Even on the most difficult days you can always find something that made you say “aw” or made you laugh!

Relax: End the day by listening to the bedtime Little Stars CD or reading a couple of stories from the book.

PS. this works with anyone of any age! Even us parents too….


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