Starting school for the first time?

There’s so much to think about as the start of school approaches, especially when your little one is starting for the first time! Schools are now very accommodating when it comes to settling in sessions and having a slow, gradual start to full time school. And h whilst that may eliminate some of your child’s worries there’s a high chance they will still have concerns.

And you too…. it’s a big transition for everyone, and parents especially when you know your child is anxious. Then there’s the old comparison with everyone else; some children are more eager to start than others and you question whether your child’s reluctance is because of anything you’ve done.

But don’t lose hope. There’s lots of ways to make your child’s start to school less stressful for all concerned.

Here at Relax Kids we work a lot with children giving them key skills to help counter any anxieties, such as breathing techniques and self massage and help build them up using lots of positive affirmations. I have put together a very special workshop which is only available to new school starters and their parents/carers. This has been designed to allow you some special family time together and learn a few skills together… who knows, it could be your child reminding you to breathe deeply on the school yard that first morning!

The workshop will combine the “Be a Star” workshop with a Little Stars session focusing on “I am calm, I am confident”. There will be refreshments provided, including cake from Cozy Coffee and you will receive an affirmation present to take home which will allow you to continue practising the skills you learn right up to the day they start school (and hopefully beyond!).

Unlike any other session I am asking that this is for the school starter only! Usually I am more than happy for younger siblings to run around, or older ones to sit at the side but I feel this needs to be a special occasion; one you can use to really connect with your child to give them as much positive attention and reassurance they may need.

This workshop is priced at £10 per family, which includes the child and one or two parents/carers (ideally one of which will be doing that important first school run!). All activities will be for you to take part in together, so please come expecting to have fun, possibly get a little bit covered in glitter and to learn new skills that will benefit your whole family. Numbers will be limited to ensure a cosy atmosphere!

I look forwards to meeting some new faces and helping make this big transition easier for the whole family!

back to school poster.jpg






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