Learn to use your pause button.

Today I will pause. I’m having a day off. I want to make the most of it; I’ll share with you my pause as I’m sat out in my garden.


You try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s how:

Take a moment when the opportunity arises to press your pause switch. Stop.

Look around. What can you hear? Birds, traffic, children playing, bees buzzing…

What do you see? A beautiful clear sky, the sun, trees, flowers dancing in the breeze, sparrows flying in and out of their nests in our rafters….

What can you smell? The neighbours Sunday dinner cooking, freshly mown grass (different neighbour), laundry drying on the washing line…

How do you feel? Do a quick body scan from toes up to your head. And check in with your head, how’s your mood in this moment right now? Happy, peaceful, calm, still…

Now breathe…. Take big, deep breath.  Pause (just for a second) and slowly exhale.  Repeat.  See if you can make your out breath even longer this time. Repeat again,  this time as you breathe out very slowly say in your head “I am still”.

And Go again!

Simple, quick and it can help you reset your mood, attitude and how your day is going! Today’s a perfect time try it if you’ve never done it before.


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