What happens in a Relax Kids class?

I’ve been asked this question a lot and so thought it was time I wrote about it. The classes run in blocks and though a class by itself is worthwhile greater benefit is seen when a full course is taken. All classes are different and each block has a new theme, so children can attend for as long as they would like without them getting bored or feel like things are being repeater.

All Relax Kids sessions follow the same 7 steps, whether you are 3 or 73! They are amended to make them age appropriate and suitable for the space available (which applies more to schools where we may be doing it in a classroom rather than the hall). I’ve written this about children but child can be replaced with adult to relate to the Just Relax sessions.7-steps

Move and Play are about using up some excess energy. But they also involve role-play, team games and mindful moments. This allows everyone to get to know each other whilst having some fun. It’s much easier to feel comfortable enough to later relax if you’ve made a connection with others in the room and aren’t as self conscious.

Stretch. I’m not a yoga teacher, though it’s something I enjoy doing. We have different stretches that we use at different time. Some help to release tension and others are good to energise or relax our bodies. You don’t need to be able to balance or stand on your head! These are fully inclusive stretches that everyone can do.

Feel is a section I’m often asked about. What takes places depends on the class taking place. Regardless of this we always ask consent! This is very important to help teach children (and adults too) that they are the ones who say what happens to them, and it also helps them to trust their own bodies and decisions. So I will show you how to do a basic hand or face massage which at a subsequent session may be done child to child. Drawing on backs is also a fun way to encourage positive touch. This is always done over clothes and after consent has been given by the children asking each other if they want to take part. We incorporate into this basic massage strokes too. With Little Stars parents/carers usually do this to their child and at Chill Skills or Just Relax we may use a simple massage cream for hands or feet to make it a little more luxurious.

*There is a Relax Kids touch policy which covers this and is incorporated into the online registration form and always sent to schools as a separate document before gaining parental consent.(Parental consent however does not trump child consent if a child doesn’t wish to take part. In these situations the child’s decision is the one taken)

Breathe. We can all do it, right? But do we do it right? We use fun and imaginative ways to help the children notice their breathing and learn to take control of it.

Believe is our positive affirmation section, which we build on throughout the block of sessions. Some children struggle with this and so we start off telling the children what they need to say and how this can affect and change them. Some will only want to whisper it into a parent’s ear, and that’s fine! Once children get used to this we start to build so they think of their own and think of them for others.

Relax is what it says. Using a relaxation & visualisation track from a selection of Relax Kids CDs or reading one from the Relax Kids books the children are given the opportunity to relax and to learn to enjoy doing it!




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