Just Relax…

Relax Kids. For adults? But it’s for kids, how does that work?

Just Relax is specifically designed for adults, particularly busy parents. It’s split in to 4 x 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks which will introduce new skills and then build on what has been covered. Each session follows the 7 Relax Kids steps: move, play, stretch, feel, breathe, believe & relax.

Within this there are opportunities to stop to discuss how we could incorporate this into life at home, if you wish.

You can then continue to benefit from what we cover personally but also so that you can share with your child(ren) and help them to relax too.


The moving and playing at the beginning is about breaking the ice and having a bit of fun. If we don’t feel comfortable with each other from the beginning it will be hard for you to relax in the later stages.

The feel section starts off in week 1 with a self hand massage, we then massage feet later on and then move on to working together to give face and hand massages to each other (which is completely voluntary and if would rather not that’s fine).


If you suffer from anxiety or stress the breathing exercises will be helpful, and also the believe section – which challenges your repeat negative thought patterns and replaces them with more positive statements about yourself.

We end each session listening to a relaxation/visualisation track. These are ideal if you struggle to shut off at the end of the day and written for adults. They are read by the gorgeous Marneta Viegas and set to stunning background music.


There will be small gifts for you to take away at the end each session that will remind you and allow you to relax at home.

Just Relax with Sam has its own dedicated Facebook page



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