Relax Kids Darlington in 2017

Read my latest blog here, hopefully going some way to explaining what’s been going on!


So hopefully you will have received my latest newsletter? You may then be confused to see me posting various sessions? Let me explain…

When I did my training in the early part of last year my intention was that I would introduce Relax Kids to Darlington and Aycliffe quite slowly and build up my business in a very organic nature. I was happy with it taking a while to start to become known and also with offering free taster sessions to the community and schools too. I wanted people to come to Relax Kids because they’d experienced it and had seen the benefits first hand.

I am very proud to have had a successful, though small, term of regular children coming to Little Stars and Chill Skills. I also thoroughly enjoyed my first Just Relax course for adults! I have worked in 8 schools and even carried out teacher relaxation sessions. So I was very pleased with how my little business was growing. I was also taking on “career development training” by doing an introduction to holistic therapies course and life coaching.

Then things changed.

I have found myself needing an income that I am able to support myself and my children with. As much as I love Relax Kids I’ve reinvested most of the money made to date on equipment and resources and my classes are really not yet big enough to rely on in terms of income. So I decided that this would have to take a back step and focus on finding a “proper job” but keeping my presence there so that when I offered school holiday clubs I would still have a solid group of parents who already knew about me and my sessions. Hence the newsletter.

So that’s that sorted then?

Well, in the two days after sending out the newsletter I was contacted by a numerous new parents asking about classes, including several school requests. Putting people off until Easter seemed a little churlish, especially since I do still have the time to run sessions.

What am I offering then?

Free Chill & Chat – join me in this free event on my Facebook page on Friday 13th January at 7pm to find out more about Relax Kids, ask any questions you may have and pick up a few tips! (Click to say you’ll attend and you will be able to refer back to it after the event even if you can’t join in on the night)

Currently Fortnightly Little Stars on a Saturday morning from 10 – 11am. Each based on a new story and with a small, related craft activity (new!).

Weekly Magical Adventures, Monday 5-6pm. These will follow the 7 steps and will be suitable for all ages. The theme until February half term is Explorer Adventures. Parents are welcome to join in too if they wish!


If you’re looking for the next Just Relax course for adults then keep following the page. For obvious reasons I can’t do these with the children so I need to find a time that will suit you and I can arrange childcare for! I am open to any suggestions you may have so please pass on any feedback you may have.

Is there anything you can do to help?

As with any small business owner I appreciate every comment, like and share I get. Each time you do any of those things it increases my reach and more people find out about Relax Kids. Even those who only follow for the information I share are still a valuable part of my audience.

If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter so that you can keep up to date with what’s happening.

If you enjoyed your sessions or have seen benefits please share a review – either on Facebook or as a comment on my “reviews”page.

And lastly, pass on my details to your children’s nurseries and schools for a free taster session. You can even mention to your own employers; I can do in-house adult relaxation sessions in lunch hours or as inset.

But whatever you do I wish you and your families a very happy and healthy 2017!


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