Our Tropic pamper weekend

I was recently lucky enough to be able to borrow a weekend pamper basket, made up of Tropic skin care products from Andrea at The Little Nail House.


Within this basket there was all manner of products, from face creams to gradual tan products! I used this with my children as part of our bedtime routine.

They are quite used to having massages as part of bedtime and this is one of our 7 steps that we do in classes and workshops.

What were our favourites?

It’s a very close call between the hand and feet sets! We had the Walk on the beach foot collection and In the Best Hands collection.

We all tried the foot set first. It includes a lovely, aromatic foot soak; typically smelling of peppermint but not overpoweringly so. The foot pebble succeeded in making both children laugh, but at only 8 & 4 they don’t have much that needs exfoliating!

I was lucky enough to enrol on a free Introduction to Holistics course last year (running again soon at the Pioneering Care Centre, Aycliffe, go if you can!) and have learned a few reflexology basics so the children lay back and relaxed as I massaged the repairing foot remedy in. As this was part of their bedtime routine we did this in bed and covered our feet with fluffy socks afterwards to keep all the moisture in!


The hand set took a very close second place… mainly as the cream is thicker and not really intended for massage. The hand smooth revitalising polish smells absolutely gorgeous… sweet but not sickly and it’s just the right combination of rough and yet still smooth to make rubbing it into your hands a really enjoyable experience – you finish by washing off under warm water, but we all put that off as long as possible. I slowly worked the intensive care hand mask into the children’s hands, rather than massaging as such. And they really enjoyed it. I applied my mask later on just before bed, slept with the gloves on and woke up with super soft hands. I have a tendency to get dry, cracked skin and this had all been repaired overnight.  In fact 5 days later they still feel super smooth!


We finished off every evening with a very basic head massage, using the So Sleepy set collection. This includes a temple roll on and a pillow spray. They combine 7 essential oils, and the smell is magnificent. So much more than the traditional lavender usually available. Combining a few of my favourites with the lavender – geranium and frankincense; both of which are well known for helping to clear the mind and improve general well-being. A perfect combination to promote a good night’s sleep!

What were we not so keen on?

Well nothing really! I asked Jamie if he wanted an Indian Head Massage using the massage oil but he wasn’t keen because he’d already been in the bath. We had the “soothe your senses” and just a smell of it really did that.

And are any of them suitable for use in a Relax Kids Class?

Yes, I’m going to be working with Andrea to find the best “all round” product for us to use, particularly in the Just Relax classes for adults and the family workshops. The fact that they are all vegan and cruelty free really fits with the overall ethos of Relax Kids.

If you would like to find out more please contact Andrea at The Little Nail House


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