Just Relax Updated!

Let me explain what’s been going on

As a Relax Kids Coach I have been trained to help relax people from 3 upwards, and this includes adults! We traditionally use a 7 step process to move children from a state of high energy to one of complete calm using mindfulness, breathing and guided visualisations & meditations. This works really well, even with reluctant or hesitant children. And our believe section really helps children to feel better about themselves and be better equipped to handle the pressures of modern life.

I have successfully hosted our adult Just Relax course before but felt that the “Relax Kids” branding undermind the adult side of things a little. So set about adding an additional arm to my business rather than keeping trying to run the two things simultaneously and Just Relax with Sam was born!

I was really rather excited about this as I really enjoy working with adults because I am able to join in with the extended relaxation at the end!

However, I was also aware that whilst doing this I needed to back up some of the learning I have done and sought additional training so I have spent a few months doing this in the background alongside developing the original resources that I already had; the emphasis of the training being on the children. I am also now qualified to give hand massages and will soon also be qualified in Indian Head Massage and as a meditation instructor too. This adds an extra dimension for corporate options along with personal service users too as I am able to do these as stand alone services outside the scope of the 7 step class.

I am now in a position to launch my new services – I have a newly developed Just Relax Online with a freshly developed Believe workbook. I have extended the 4 week Just Relax Course to run as a continuous weekly class and I have developed some exciting Just Relax Workshops to run monthly. Everything runs in harmony and you could choose to take up all three options or just one, it’s truly flexible in that respect.

You can learn about these new options at our Open Evening on 28th April at Brafferton Village Hall (just off junction 59 of the A1M) along with trying a few of the different techniques we usually cover in a class.


What will it cost?

Just Relax Online will be £15 per month accessed via a closed Facebook group.

Just Relax classes are £8 per 1 hour class, bookable in a 6 week block of £40 (getting one class free) – May 19th – June 26th (Friday) 8-9pm at Brafferton Village Hall,

Just Relax Workshop will be £30 for the 3 hour extended class and adult activity, and includes refreshments – first Sunday of the month (except Aug which is Saturday) from 10am – 1pm at Brafferton Village Hall.

Early bird offer!

Book and pay for three months Just Relax Online by 1st May to receive a discounted price of £30 for the first three months.

Book and pay for the classes or workshop by 1st May to receive free membership to the Just Relax Online for 3 months – worth £45.

You can book your place by emailing justrelaxwithsam@gmail.com


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