Raising mental health awareness

This week is mental health awareness week.


We quite often see “that” Facebook post where you tell everyone your door is always open. The thing about mental health issues is that if you have a problem it’s very unlikely you’re going to approach someone about it. That’s kind of the thing about it!

If you’re depressed, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed the logical thinking part of your brain has often shut down. You don’t wake up thinking ” I need to go and find a friend to chat with” or “make an appointment at the doctors”!

So what *can* you do?

You knock on their door. You ring them. As often as it takes for them to answer or open the door. You ask what you can do to help. You treat them gently and with respect. You find out where people can turn so that you know immediately where to get additional help. You be a good friend or neighbour.

It’s OK to not be OK.

#mentalhealthawarenessweek #itsoktonotbeok


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