Meditation…. and breathe!

Relaxation and meditation sessions now available.


I have been on the look out for suitable additions to compliment the 7 steps I teach as part of the Relax Kids programme. I have meditated myself for some time and cover guided meditations in our relax section of the Relax Kids & Just Relax sessions I do so I am already trained within the remit of the Relax Kids programme. But I wanted to build on this and gain a further insight into it along with being able to “teach” it as a stand alone module. So when I found a flexible training option I knew the time was right to go for it!

Where has meditation come from?

Meditation has been recorded for as long as records can be found, often with references in many religious scriptures. However my meditation training was more “New Age” and completely secular – which means whatever your religious beliefs (or lack thereof) you’ll be welcomed at my sessions. If you wish to add your own slant to things in the privacy of your own thoughts that’s entirely your prerogative!

What is it?

You’d be surprised how many normal day to day activities can be meditative. Things like washing up, hoovering or mowing the lawn allow your mind to wander and relax. It can be as simple as just sitting and relaxing, without the stimulation of the television or constant checking of social media!

Some people prefer to be a little more formal about their practice though and allow time in their day to meditate; either by listening to guided meditations or using the more advanced techniques where they are able to calm their mind without external instruction by focusing on their breathing. Others like to come along to group sessions; liking the formality of having to leave the house (how many of us actually do that exercise DVD at home we got 3 Christmases ago? 😉 ).

Oxford English dictionary describes to meditate as such:

“To focus one’s mind for a period of time…as a method of relaxation; to think deeply about something”

The idea of meditation is to quieten the mind, and with practise you can start to connect with your subconscious thoughts. And it has scientifically proven benefits.


So what will happen in my sessions?

I am planning for my sessions to be suitable for everyone, but will start off aimed at beginners. This doesn’t mean that if you’ve tried it already or listen to a meditation as part of your daily routine you can’t come, it just means that you will be familiar with the techniques used.

Each session will last an hour. We will start off with a focus exercise (like an ice breaker – but before anyone breaks out into a cold sweat, these aren’t going to be exercises that require you to share anything with the group if you don’t wish to!)

We will then have an active meditation, whether it’s walking, stretching or writing! Something that involves movement of some kind.

We will follow this with a breathing meditation. In the early session I will also cover diaphragmatic breathing exercises to ensure we all get the most out of the meditations. Breathing meditations/exercises are always done sat upright to allow our lungs to work as efficiently as possible.

This will lead into our first guided meditation which will help focus the mind. There are various ways this can be done, using “props” such as candles, singing bowls, drum for example, and this first meditation will be done sat upright too.

We will check in with each other after this before continuing with the main meditation(s). These can be done lay down if you prefer and will form the main relaxation of the session. Blankets and extra layers will be needed at this point as the body can start to cool down during extended meditation.

Before leaving we will have a brief grounding exercise and will again check in with everyone before we switch ourselves back “on”.

Please note: You can join in discussion at any point as much as you like, and if you don’t like that’s fine. After all, no one is going to relax if they’re anxious they’ll be called upon to do something they don’t want to do!


And after?

Looking after yourself once the session has finished is important.

Please always bring a bottle of water so that you can stay hydrated and having a drink once the session is finished is essential.

If possible plan in a shower once you get home to help rinse off negative energy which may have been disturbed through the session.

Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol in the immediate time following meditation, the same applies with a heavy meal.

If you any issue you wish to discuss following the session please let me know, if you’d rather this took place in private that can be arranged.

If you have any concerns over the following hours or days please feel free to text me (texts allow me to reply without having to interrupt my own routines once I get back home).

So how many sessions do I need?

The sessions will run continuously, the meditations used will be different each week so you can approach meditation sessions as you would something like yoga, tai chi or other forms of physical exercise. You will gain benefits and useful skills from just one session, but long term benefits will be seen with practise. As with anything you will get out what you put in.

So where can you join me?



Full details can be found here and as booking is essential you can click here to book.

It is also possible to arrange private one to one or small group meditation sessions. These sessions are also suitable for use in schools by both pupils and teachers, businesses and well-being days; just email me for further details.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing your meditation journey!



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