Classes & Prices

Relax Kids works for all ages, and all ages work through the 7 steps. Sessions vary in length depending on the age range aimed at. Sessions run weekly. I also offer private one to one sessions which can take place either at your home or mine.

You can read about the 7 steps and what happens in a class here.

All children sessions are priced at £5 per week. Family workshops are priced at £15 per family, regardless of the size of the family.

One to one sessions are priced differently, and details can be found below.

Little Stars

These are special sessions designed for children 3-6.  This session includes story time and the remainder of the session is based on this story. The relaxation at the end is designed to be suitable for younger children. These sessions are 45 minutes long and parental participation is very much encouraged. These are also ideal for a nursery/ preschool setting or lower KS1 classes.



Magical Adventures

This is suitable for all primary ages. Each block of sessions has a theme which is followed throughout. The latest theme is Explorers Adventures and will be replaced by Happiness Adventures in March & April. These sessions are 60 minutes. Parents can stay in the hall but generally do not get involved unless their child particularly requested it. Parents are also able to leave their child, providing the child is happy with this.


chill-skillsChill Skills

Suitable for 10yrs+. This is a slightly older format and involves discussion of things such as what causes them stress and what do they worry about (and the difference between the two!) The 7 steps are incorporated but not followed rigidly. Please note I am not a counsellor; I am happy to chat with the children and offer practical solutions as necessary. We also work a lot with positive affirmations to help improve self confidence. For safeguarding reasons I am not able to offer confidentiality to the children but obviously respect their privacy. If anything was ever raised that was cause for concern these would be passed to the relevant bodies as per Relax Kids Safeguarding Policy.

I can also run this for older teenagers, where they get a journal that we work through together.


Just Relax

This is a weekly 1 hour session aimed at busy adults or parents. I have been asked if teenagers can come to this, and yes, I am happy to allow that providing they a) want to come and b) are prepared to take the role of a mini adult for the night.


Private One to One sessions

People often ask for a more individual, private session. There are numerous reasons for this, from wanting the child to get to know me first and feel comfortable with the Relax Kids process to having anxieties when leaving their own home. Whatever the reason I am always happy to try and accommodate your needs as best as possible. The last thing I want when someone is about to engage with Relax Kids is sleepless nights and increased anxiety levels. The aim would always be to eventually join a class, as a lot can be gained from working in a group environment. My sessions are always limited in number to 6 anyway, so are intentionally small groups.

With regards to pricing, I offer a highly discounted hourly rate for private customers (parents!)* and this is £20 per hour.

*Prices for schools or other organisations available on request.


Be Happy Workshops

Newly introduced this year the Be Happy Workshops follow a slightly different format. They are intended to be family sessions and so everyone participates. The idea behind them is really quite simple; to enjoy some quality family time in a relaxed environment. To reconnect. To strengthen your family bond. The focus will always be on the family and serve as a reminder of how much you love each other; even when dirty pots, laundry and homework get in the way!

Each workshop will be different from the last! They will usually start with some moving and playing, incorporate at least one family craft affirmation project, showcase a nice massage you can use at home and finish with a nice relaxing visualisation. Within the session there may also be some mindful colouring, stretching or breathing exercises.

Currently places are limited to 6 families per workshop to ensure I can give everyone the attention they deserve.

Adult relaxation & meditation sessions

Details of all my adult sessions can be found on my Facebook page