Seated massage

I am now able to offer a selection of clothed, seated holistic massages done in the comfort of your own home as a mobile service. I have qualified from the wonderful Ann Ball at Guru Holistic Therapies and Training after completing the courses and subsequent case studies. I am fully insured and DBS checked. Online booking is in it’s early stages but currently going well!

Hand and lower arm massage, £12

This uses an organic, vegan, cruelty-free body cream or massage oil on your lower arms and hands. Taking each arm in turn I will work the muscles, joints and tendons in the arm and hand leaving each feeling relaxed.

This takes around 20 minutes as standard but can be extended on request.

There is also the option to add Thai techniques into the traditional Swedish method. Please enquire about this if you’re interested.

Indian head massage, £25

This is done over your clothes and does not ordinarily use oils*. You sit on a low backed chair as I work your back, arms, neck, scalp and finally face. At your first treatment I will follow the standard routine. If you would like this amending for future appointments to extend certain areas then this is possible.

The whole treatment takes around 40 minutes but can be extended on request.

*If you would like an oil to be used as part of the scalp massage please let me know in advance. Base and essential oils can be provided at an additional cost or I’m happy to use your own if you have them.

Please note: any deviation from the standard treatments is likely to incur additional costs.